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Pengembangan strategi bisnis CV. Sari Laut dalam rangka meningkatkan kinerja usaha dan keunggulan bersaing dalam industri garam

Martinus . Alexander


Nowadays Indonesia’s salt industry is developing steadily and also becoming more competitive. To overcome the competition, company must have a better competitive ability than its competitors. A company must have a good strategy business in both its management and organizations and also the company’s marketing strategy. In order to develop a good business strategy, we must first recognize the factors, both internal and external. Strength and weaknesses are part of internal factors, whereas opportunities and threats are part of external factors. These factors determined what kind of strategies to use afterward. A good strategy will raise company competitiveness. The objectives of this research are to analyze both internal and external factors to determine company strategy and to find what kind of strategy can be implemented to raise company competitiveness. Besides that, EFE, IFE, CPM, CPM, SWOT/TOWS, SPACE, IE, Grand Strategy matrix, QSPM, and Porter’s Five Competitive Forces analysis are also conducted in the discussion of this research. Research results show that CV. Sari Laut greatest strength is no substitute product; greatest weaknesses limited production facilities machine; greatest opportunity is salt was one of most important product; greatest threats is raw material price keeps increasing. Using the tools above, there are several strategies that can be implemented such as market penetration, market development, product development, and joint venture. By doing these ideas, CV. Sari Laut is expected to be able improve its competitiveness and overcome the competition.


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