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Menentukan jenis promosi penjualan di Dunkin' Donuts

Lie . Jerry


Sales promotion are marketing activities in addition to individual sales, advertising and publicity that can encourage consumer purchases and dealer effectiveness by using a variety of promotional tools. Dunkin’ Donuts held a sales promotion strategy that aims to attract interest from customers and maintain loyalty from their customers. Obviously this is done by considering the form of sales promotion activities and the budget has been issued. And in the end the company needs to determine the effect of sales promotion activities of the company’s goal in an attempt to increase sales. This study specifically tried to apply methods of Analytic Hierarchy process (AHP) a method that has been known and widely used in the field of decision making and management. AHP is a method to solve a complex unstructured situation into several components in a hierarchical structure, with the subjective value of the relative importance of each variable, and determine which variable has the highest priority in order to influence the outcome of the situation. A well sales promotion strategy designed will be successful, therefore the company should be borne in trying to improve performance and draft the appropriate sales promotion so that it reflects a positive impact on the success of the company’s marketing activities that increase sales. Conclusion obtained from the result of research at Dunkin’ Donuts Hayam Wuruk conducted that using premium strategy is considered more beneficial.


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