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Dampak pelaksanaan Good Corporate Governance atas kinerja perusahaan Go Public

Thomas . Arifin


This research aims to find out GCG effect on performance company. GCG score was the variable that as the indicator of GCG application. Return on Assets (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE), and Return on Investment (ROI) were the variables that used as the indicator performance of the company. This research was an associative explanation research where the variables had causality characteristic. The CGPI’s companies were the sample of this research. They were used in this research, it was obtained from CGPI reports and financial statement at year 2005-2007. Statistic method through simple regression analysis was used in hypothesis testing. The result of this research showed that GCG didn’t influence performance company. It means that there are no effect between God Corporate Governance implementation and performance company at significance level 95%. ROA, ROE, and ROI can’t be explained by GCG application.


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