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Analisis laporan keuangan PT Sunson Textile Manufacturer Tbk dengan pendekatan analisis rasio dan Du Pont

Mike . Wijaya


This research is about the evaluation of financial performance of PT Sunson Textile manufacturer, Tbk for periode 2006-2008 by using Ratio Analysis and Dupont Analysis Method. This research based on secondary data and was dericed from Jakarta Stock Exchange. For benchmarking of PT Sunson Textile we used three companies from Jakarta Stock Exchange such as PT Agro Pantes Tbk PT Unitex Tbk and PT Pan Brothers.  Based on the result of Sunson’s Liquidity Ratio, Solvability Ratio, and Profitability Ratio, shows that the performance of PT Sunson Textile Manufacturer Tbk is better than the performance of PT Argo Pantes Tbk, PT Unitex Tbk, and PT Pan Brothers Tbk. Meanwhile from the result of activity ratio, PT Sunson Textile manufacturer Tbk still underperformed. Based on research that is already done, there are some advices the author may sugest. First, PT Sunson Textile Manufacturer Tbk should manage their account receivables by implementing strict credit requirements or by giving bonus to employees who have minimum outstanding account receivables. Second, PT Sunson Textile Manufacturer Tbk must control the inventory in warehouses to prevent slow moving turnover of inventory and possibility becoming bad stock. In addition, the company must also decrease operational expenses and review big investment, in order to increase profit.


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