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Study kelayakan PT ABC dan PT DEF pada pengembangan kawasan hunian di kodya Palembang

Hendry . Tamzel


After a period of crisis monetary 1997, writhe developmet of housing area starts to show improvement, especially in area Palembang Municipality. Formulation of corporate strategy is very important, specially of marketing strategy and quality of product exeeds. This analysis very importance performed so that obtained by true decision. Formulation strategy manegement for JO XYZ at this feasibility study thesis be ideally started by sponsor and doing analysis to external environmental factor, environment of conspecific industry and competitior, so that obtained by considerably by picture adequates about market target, human resource, material raw material, boundary project location, project access, and others. From finance side, provides data about financing, regulation of taxation and retrieval of other assumption, and finally made table CashFlow to get in a picture of Cash Flow and operational activity of JO XYZ. Invesment decision analysis generally uses of 2 (two) principal method to calculate, that is NPV (Net Present Value) and IRR (Internal Rate of Return). For feasibility study, that two method is enough to applied (at result of CashFlow tables) as base for decision making of investment. For Magnitude JO XYZ location, company decides settles spread uses this investment plan to analyse this feasibility study during 15 year, started by from the year 2008-2023. Based on evalution result of decision analysis investment in this thesis, especially based on finance aspect which, indicator the investment decision analysis shows that project of this JO XYZ profits and be suitable to continued.


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