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Analisis kesehatan perbankan menggunakan Camels dan Z-Score dalam hubungan dengan krisis ekonomi (Studi kasus PT Bank DBS Indonesia)

Olivia . Chandra


The objective of this research is to analyze the bank’s healthiness and probability of bankcruptcy in DBS Indonesia for March 2006 until June 2009’s period. In this study, the models that are used to analyze bank’s healthiness is CAMELS and probability of bankcruptcy is Z-score Altman. CAMELS contain six components, which are Capital, Asset Quality, Management, Earnings, Liquidity and Sensitivity to Market Risk. Beside CAMELS, the calculation of Z-score Altman could be categorized into safe, grey or distress zone. The concludion of this research are DBS Bank Indonesia is categorized in second level based on CAMELSmodel, which means the bank is healthy and can survive from negative influence that comes from economic and finance sector, but on the other hand, still I need enhancement to avoid that influence in future. DBS Bank is also categorized in safe zone for the year 2007-2009 based on Z-score Altman model, which means the bank has a little probability to bankcrupt. But for year 2006, the bank is categorized in distress zone. The main reason is at that year, bank is focusing to expand and increasing branches widely which caused the expense is higher than income. Hopefully based on the calculation and category. DBS Bank’s top management could use the information to make a high level decision for the life of the bank in present and future.


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