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Analisis pengaruh rasio keuangan terhadap laba perusahaan perbankan

Juliana . Ngamino


Bank is a financial intermediary institutions are generally established with the authority to accept deposits, lend money, and, issue promissory notes or what is known as a banknote. To maintain that trust, banks must maintain the health of the bank. It I measured financial ratios (ROA, ROE, and LDR) have significant correlation for net income. Issues that were examined in this research were : (1) Do financial ratios (ROA, ROE, and LDR) have significant simultaneous influence ? (2) Do financial ratios (ROA, ROE, and LDR) have significant partially influence ? How much fincial ratios (ROA, ROE, and LDR) influence net income? In this research, data used are secondary data from financial statements quartal publication year period from 2007 to 2009. the research sample was taken five companies namely Bank Central Asia (BCA), Bank Kesawan, Bank Mandiri (Persero), Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), and Bank Victoria  International. The analytical method used is a financial ratio analysis and regression analysis. Independent variable is financial ratios (ROA, ROE, and LDR). While dependent variable is net income. The results showed that simultaneous and partial financial ratios consists of ROA, ROE, and LDR have influence over net income. Simultaneously, the ratio of ROA, ROE, and LDR provides donations amounting to 89%, while the rest 11% influenced by other factors outside the research model. Based on the above results it can be concluded that the financial ratios (ROA, ROE, and LDR influence net income partially and simultaneously. This research is expected to be useful for those academic and non-academic.    


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