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Analisis pengaruh strategi promosi Blackberry terhadap loyalitas merek Blackberry

Rendy Winanto Suryono


Every year a thousand of brands have emerged and were introduced to consumers. Since a brand must advertise themselves to be known by consumers. Brand should have power not only to emphasize their uniqueness, but also able to deliver an experience full of emotions and feeling for the customers. Existing brand in the similar category, should be known by its distinctiveness. That is why brand should have a proper promotion strategy in order to enhance consumer loyalty to Blackberry brand. Scope of work of promotional strategy would be investigated as follow: How promotion strategies undertaken by Blackberry to improve Blackberry brand loyalty? Is the brand promotion strategy can build brand loyalty to Blackberry brand? This qualitative research used primary data with cross sectional period. The samples are collected by doing observation first, then spreading 150 questionnaire directly or by email with non probability sampling technique based on convenience sampling. This research used liker scale for data measurement. Then model has one dependent variable and four independent variables. Analysis methods of this research are descriptive analysis to describe the characteristics of respondents and multiple regression analysis to identify the factors that influence consumer loyalty to Blackberry brand. The conclusion of the results are the statistic output have significant effect like promotion program and personal selling to a customer loyalty on a Blackberry user. From the statistic output, publication and advertising does not have effect to Blackberry brand loyalty. It is proven that promotion strategy have impact 27% on Blackberry brand loyalty. While the remaining 73% must be a product. Because the uniqueness of Blackberry such as Blackberry Internet Service, this make the service provider should provide excellent Blackberry Internet Services for the customers.  


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