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Analisis tingkat kesehatan Bank XYZ Tahun 2008 dengan Metode Camels

Adeline Nathalia Nathan


With the increasing complexty of business and risk profile, bangs need to ideantify problems that arise from the bank. Because the bank is the instition that regulates the contriy,s economic stability, so that in carrying out bangking fanecions are reguired to have good performance. To assess the performance of regulated bank in the Circular of Bank Indonesia Number 6/23/DPNP deted May 31, 2004 on the assessment includes evwaluating the heatlh of banks CAMELS factors. CAMELS factor include: capital, quality of assets.management, utilizes, liquiditiy and sensitivity to the risk of market on @ quarterly basis in 2008. The data used are the financial statesments of the XYZ Bank for the year 2008 quarterily periodes. Types of research based golls incuded in XYZ bank applied research efforch  to find solutions that are facing problems. This study. XYZ BANK CAMELS method shows the condition factor during the period 2008 Capital, Asset quality Earning and Liquidity compositite ranked number 2 which reflects the good and the bank is able to overcome the negative impact of economic conditiones and financial industries, but the bank still has weaknesses which nomor can be overcome by the action routine. Based on the result some sunggestions yhat are expected to provide 2 refrence for the reader and parties asosiated with the banking world, including: Bank XYZ must have 2 management team with the abilitiy to demonstrate the stability of financial management isues, quality of productive assets can be enhoncel through the complation of non performing lons, acceptance maturity loon interest and incerrase intensive conseling and monitoring of business debtors, earnings bank still needs to be improved through increased revenues and cost control. To increase revenues other than interest income can be done therough increased revenue based on can be done while controlling costs though efficiency, such as by reducing the burden or cost, the emphasis can be reducted by reducing the cost of gift-giving. This is intendet to conform with the expectations of revenue to fund expenses incurred for procurement of prizes, XYZ Bank shuld increase precautionary princliple on 2 new loon so the NPL (non performing loon) can be suppressed.


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