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Analisis keputusan konsumen dalam memilih tempat futsal di Jakarta Barat (Studi Kasus: Tempat Futsal XYZ)

Sandy . Lukito


Futsal business developments in Jakarta, today showed a relatively rapid development. This is due to land in Jakarta has been very difficult to make a soccer field, so many entrepreneurs who open a futsal field because it requires little land, compared to the usual football field. Besides the development of futsal business was also boosted by the rise in world football today. Football liked from almost all types of ages and genders. And if it is seen sports fans futsal currently increasing. Because of that, lots of entrepreneurs – entrepreneurs to open this type of business. Futsal XYZ is one place in Jakarta. Futsal XYZ has been standing since 2005. In its management of the founder of the futsal XYZ has a target, but in management, the targets set by the founders of the futsal XYZ is never reached, 250 hours in I-month rental. Consumers in the decision-making process is generally influenced by a variety of stimuli from outside himself, whether stimulation of  marketing a product of service as well as stimuli from the environment, stimuli – stimuli is then processed in the consumer coupled with a motivation other that that owned by the consumers themselves. The methodology used in this the determination of segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Followed by Importance – performance analysis, and multiple regression analysis. The results of this study is the existence of a significant effect between Tangibles, Empathy, Responsiveness, Reliable, and Assurance of consumer decisions in choosing a place to play futsal, and tangibles variable is the variable most influential in improving the consumer’s decision in choosing where futsal.


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