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Formulasi strategi perusahaan pada PT GTX melalui pendekatan analisis SWOT dan konsep balanced scorecard

Imelda . Tanu Jaya


For the time being, TPT industry in Indonesia is facing unfavorable business situation. PT GTX as textile company that has been set up for a long time is also the same situation. The purpose of this thesis is to assist PT GTX to formulate strategy by analyzing the external and internal conditions in order to know its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strategy planning is developed by using TOWS matrix in order to give a result of strategy combination to optimizing the strength-opportunity and weaknesses-threats Balanced Scorecard concept is used to formulate comprehensively all strategies in TOWS matrix into strategy nap. Every strategy has to be measured in order to know the effectiveness of the company to reach the strategy objectives by using indicators that are quantitative, objective and adaptive to company condition so that management can easily implement and evaluate.


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