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Novita Fitriyanti


The promotion is one os aspects of marketing mix. More people consider that promotion as common aspect. But the promotion have role that importance in determine succesful of product planning, price and company continuing because promotion is primary aspect to meet the consumer. In this meaning, the consumer usually interested to a product after interested to the discount, giving bonus, etc.

Fot this need, that the promotion strategymust be relevant by market segment and by dealing with the competitors, so that selling target can be obtained, also consumer's need and wants such as facilities with estate management can be achieved.

By taken case study at Modernland real estate at Tangerang the writer will be known how is relation between their promotion strategy that apply in composition of media promotions (advertising, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling and Publicity) toward rate of selling.

The promotion is diffrent from other marketing mix. Product is made and price determined relevant by market segment characteristis. But the promotion, besides is made for market segment also for the audience that influence in decision making to buy. In order to the promotion strategy can be effective, so that needs :

* Indentification to target audiences.

* Indentification the feed back from target audiences.

* Then the company can be choose the efficient and    effective media of promotion toward selling based on    market segment that obtained.

The fact that promotion is very supporting to product selling of company, tested by writer through multiple regression and corelation analysis for past 3 years (1993-1995). So that can be known the contributions amount of each promotion media toward selling.

Finally, based on annual regression data (1989-1995) can be known selling prediction for nect years (1996) and also the promotion budget (1996) in composition form of promotion media by look at the past performance composition of promotion media (1993-1995).


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