SKRIPSI S-1 PLANOLOGI, Januari : 1997

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. Chandra


House is any structure or building made for people to live in; simple, medium to specific and luxurious design. In 1996, it was forecasted that luxurious house sales down to 60% that it requires. To meet this economic situation where high interest rate and over supply of housing to middle class need marketing strategy that can increase marketing. There are four marketing mix as product, place, price and promotion. The four marketing factors can be used to support marketing target that operated.

To this end, a research shall be carried out by analyzing market opportunity, market segment, marketing mix strategy and promotion for determining an accurate marketing mix strategy to further the sales growth.

In this final report writer focused at promotion element. Promotion have same role importance by marketing mix element. This promotion more important in company  by increase marketing and to determine successful of price and product planning. In promotion there are four promotion mix as advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity.

Accordingly, we will search for its causes; type of promotion that can be used for increasing sales volume and effective promotion towards sales and how to allocate effective promotion budget to increase sales volume.

Based on analysis, we know that it is personal selling which plays important roles in increasing sales volume prior to sales promotion, advertisement and publicity. Viewed from the sequence of promotion mix above, the target is the upper segment where privacy is preferable.


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